Friday, May 23, 2014

from adyashanti

We go through life walking in 
the immense darkness 
of unknown realities 
with a little flashlight in our hands,
 imagining that only what our
 little light makes visible is real. 

We generally see and experience only
an infinitesimally small sliver of 

what actually exists
 and remain strictly within the confines 
of what our tiny light illumines. 

The true power of life does not lie within the confines 
of our tiny light, 
but in the immense darkness of unknown realities
 that are the greater story of our lives.

 Our lives are much more immense 
than we know, and connected to vast currents
 of hidden influences and possibilities. 
But we must stretch out into the darkness 
with the full measure of our longing, and 

to the greater unknown context of our lives in order to begin to embrace and be embraced by a Love
 that is awaiting our invitation.

 And it is not only an invitation 
in word but also in deed—the act of offering our 
Being and the fullness of our lives to the
 darkness of the unknown currents—

eternal possibilities that 
we cannot control

 but must instead invite with heartfelt surrender.

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