Friday, May 30, 2014

what is failure, if we leave the fear and "story" out of it

things don't "go our way" sometimes

have you noticed?

we can either get lost in the story of "poor me, it's so hard"
or the "I'm a failure"
or "X is to blame"

all the bullshit, you know 'em

the hooks into "life sucks/ is too hard/ i'm jinxed" blah blah.

or we can do the work on
our inner critic's stories,
find out what's left

( who we really are)
after the four questions
and the turn around ( see the work, the work of Byron Katie

then play:

what actually happened?
What options do we have for the future?

can we find at least three?

can we find at least three that we'll enjoy trying?

while we need a little recharge,
can we take something simple,
like turning our head, and find
three or more ways
to do that?

brains love to learn
the new is the food of the now

movement with attention is
the quickest way
to wake up learning
and loving
the new
in our brains and beings

move three ways


look up at the sky
feel your feet on the ground
feel the life is you now

and then, write the three options
or four

and write how you want to feel
in those options

and do
a little bit



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