Monday, May 19, 2014

Waking Up, Love, Sex, and all that Hooey

You can be in love
for awhile
and not be awake

floating on good sex
and someone new

someone you are actually fascinated by
someone you don't take for granted
someone you are present with
because they still surprise you

and you still surprise yourself
because in the Newness of it all
( another way of saying, living in the slithy, slidey, move and grovey Now)
you act and feel and think
young and fresh

new ways
and sex
is fun

and you laugh

and then....

my golly
feet of clay
heart's of fear and selfishness

which is to say, normal stupid me
normal stupid you

which is to say:


same old problem:


just those two

and mindless
and under stress

what do we have to fall back on?

the parent's programing
whatever our highest level of
programing is

if you want to have high level programing

join Landmark

and if
you want love:

wake up

good luck
and I'm still learning too

what a great game

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