Monday, August 01, 2011

Cancer and Love

I had a long post a ways back
on food,
and emotions,
and getting outside
and this and that
for Cancer.

I highly, highly recommend buy my book
and starting movement lessons in the Anat Baniel Method
or the Feldenkrais Method.

Without newness
without novely,
the whole soul really doesn't have a reason to live.

These lessons unleash the new
and the now
and a sense of wonder and discovery
and help life get fresh again,
along with helping anyone,
anyone no matter how clunky or
how "advanced" they are in their body,
to improve and feel more ease and pleasure
and awareness in their embodied self.

And then there's love.
Love making.
Making more love room
in your life.

Making more love.

Three steps.

Get to the Work of Byron Katie
(see, for all you need to do
though the book title is a good reminder
of how far this can lead

No matter how big
nor how petty your complaints
about anyone
in your life,
get them released via this work,

or any other way you know.

2.  Make more love
by listening more.
Get a timer.
You talk for five minutes, your partner doesn't interrupt.
When their turn comes, they don't comment on
nor talk about what you said.
They explore what means a lot for them.
Back and forth, 3 times each, of 5 minutes.

3/ Then make love.
No sex, that's not important.

Get naked.

Touch a lot.

Bathe in this wonder of being human.

Each day,
after talking with real listening.

Real listening:
no interrupting,
eye contact,
try not to even be "thinking" inside of your
responses to what the other said.

Just listen.
Follow breathing.
Be aware of yourself and the other as alive.

Caring this over into making love
the clothes off,
lots of touch,
who knows what's going to happen

Each day.

Your soul needs

If you combine those three with non habitual movement,
the joy juice in life will go way

Try it
and love your life more.

And here's  books on food:

Nourishing Traditions

Green Smoothie Revolution
Green for Life

Raw 50, Carol Alt at 50 not sick for 14 years, beautiful and raw

Here's her starter book:
Eating in the Raw

This on great on fermented foods
and how fun, yummy and vital they can be:

This on how a whole family transformed:
one losing gobs of weight,
one stopping asthma
one stopping diabetes
one ending heart ahrhythmica
(and later they discovered they need to add green smoothies to raw,
Carol adds raw meat and dairy,
also important for super super top notch health,
in my opinion,
and here's.....
Raw Family

And one more,
if I had cancer, I'd closely follow the recommendations for my blood type,
and especially my sub geno type,
laid out in this book:
Diet and Genotype;

And this on relationship, and making more money, essentially by love and giving:
The Go Giver

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