Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ze trans formation ov Suffering

Let's just do this all up quite grand:

Pain is stuck
is lack of differentiation
is same old same old in an unsatisfying way

The way out:

Can be the shake the chains,
go beserk (from Norse warriors, foamed at mouth, destroyed all in sight,
and lots they couldn't see through the foam),
trash about,
do the opposite of our conditioning

and we're still slaves:
two ways of doing something is still slavery:
the way and the reaction to the way

So, here's what I realized:

Any feeling bad can begun to be broken
open into mindfulness
by coming home to ourselves and looking/ noticing/ awaring:

The thinking part of the feeling bad
(I'm no good, he's so awful, this is not fair, etc)

The Feeling part of the feeling bad
(sad, afraid, angry, annoyed,

The sensing part:
sensations in our body,
almost always restricted in feeling bad

and the
which is some lie about how small and little and separate
and unvaluable we are

That's just the start.

Then in each of those four areas:
how about at least four options;

Take the thought and see the difference if we perceive it as
an opinion or the truth

Take the thought and hear the voice to it, and make options
with that voice

Many, many more

Going MORE into the feeling

From that going less

The feeling plus constricted posture and breathing
the feeling plus upright posture and breathing

The feeling plus gratitude

many more

Where is it in us: make it more intense

Find the edges'

Sensing that part, plus the arms and legs

Sensing that part, plus looking outside of us and hearing outside of us

Movement and that sensation

Many, more


This feeling as if we have forever to live,
this feeling as if Life is this moment now

This feeling as a story people laid on us vs
who is the real us underneath

This feeling watched from emptiness

Much more

I consult by phone.
and you can go and go and go
with this.

I hope you do.


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