Monday, August 29, 2011

Happiness, Patience, Loving What Is, Having Fun with Improvement

Moshe Feldenkrais has a great book,
The Elusive Obvious

You can only get it in hardback.

Oh, well.

It's good.

One section in there he says what he need to realize
with ourselves, our children, our partners:

If you aim to get something "right," you've only got
one option.
In your mind you've got one finishing point,
and that's it.

And, you usually get annoyed until you get to the "right" finishing point.

And the alternative:

And since lately I've been on the trail of expanding what I do into
executive and divorce coaching,
I'm really interested in four alternatives:

So one is to "do it right."

One is to head toward "better,"

But "better" can be Easier,

can be more interesting

can be more pleasurable

can be more weird

can be more entertaining

can be more complex

So, now we've got a whole lot of directions
and possibilities.

So, that's the way to head when we want to improve something.

And our internal state:
the word patience is in the title.

Patience means we honor where our feet are
Right Now,
and don't demand that they be across the room
until the get there.

Patience and mindfulness ride hand in hand,
as we can sense our feet moving across the room
toward the new spot,
the "better spot,"
and along the way,
we could be improving the
of plain old walking across the room.

So, you can see how this fits with the special needs kids,
can't you?
And the partner who won't "co-operate," which
usually means, "do it our way."

Patience is loving what is.

Improvement with patience is what Anat writes
about in the essential of "Loose Attachment to Goals,"
Move into Lifeanother good book

We can love the children totally as they are,
and we can have so much delight it helping and watching
and bringing them to lessons
where slow and aware
and learning are the game.

This is a good game for us



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