Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ze pain of judging another, the old mindful vs mindless truism, more

the more:
one of the paths to happiness:
let go of being "Right"

watch this:

Life is like this:

we have a choice
at any moment:
mindful or mindless.

This doesn't sound polite,
but it's true by definition.

The harsh truth beneath this
is that in the mindless world,
we can cruise on automatic when
things "go well,"
but when the "shit hits the fan,"
if not mindful
= mindless, then...
we have to fall back on conditioning
and with most of our parents
and past "troubles"
this can be slippery/ messy / awful territory
into which to fal


and it's no wonder life is so
"hard" sometimes

and here's couple more

when mindful we can't accuse/ blame/ judge

I'll explain that later,
but you figure it out

and it's cousin:

when we do judge,
we are always mindless
always in pain,
because it's totally and always true that when we judge
we also judge ourselves
and that's painful

the pain of judging ourselves
is what we try to relieve by judging

never works,
though we can get the false satisfaction of
being right.

except this is true,
you can be right or you can be happy

sometimes both:

like right about the time,
or about loving a flower,
but the right that makes another "wrong"
as in "bad person wrong"
always brings unhappiness

ask Jesus,
ask Gurumaya
ask Buddha,
ask your experience:
think about getting huffed up and "right"
about another person being
"wrong/ bad" and feel the yuk
of how it really was to be you then


life is good

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