Monday, August 22, 2011

Transformation is a big deal

Harper putting her weight on one knee
and then the other.
This is a different level of world
than life on two knees,
she's doing some real "balancing" her.
Look at her concentration.
And in light of below essay,
the second knee after all sorts of other
learning was "almost too much."

We throw the word "transformation" around
as if it's a fancy kind of change,
like a new set of clothes,
or how nice you feel on a vacation,

but transformation is a two edge sword,
because it means shedding the old you
to allow a new you to develop

think of a child that can't crawl
and then
they can

this is a different child

as I've said/ written many times,
no acupuncture, adjustments, relax massage, "energy" work
is going to facilitate that transformation

it's build on real sensations
and real connections of hands and shoulder
and shoulders and hips,
and lower back and head
and knees and back
and so on

it's a miracle the child puts together for herself,
and it's fun, because she can get around better,
and she's not the same kid

now, lessons are like that
and for a child
it's  a thrill moving to a new level
and a little or a lot "scary"

and we don't know their experience,
but we can just think about say,
we're in a foreign country for a month,
and finally ready to "wing it with the new language,"
we're out there
and don't really know what'll happen

same for the child as the newness builds up
and up

and with children who have seizures
or have emotional trigger points,
this can create an amazing balancing act:

how to keep the lessons challenging enough
to be real

and how to take enough rests,
and know when to back off
before the child goes over the edge
"too much"
into a seizure, or a crying spell

it's "hard"
and part of the transformational work
for me,
is staying present enough to each second
with the child
to catch myself when I'm getting a little too
and to prod myself
when I'm playing it a little too safe

what if adults
in their conversations looked
for this edge?

wouldn't that make life

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Move Into Life

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