Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Four Ways to Do Anything: leaving suffering

Life is a mystery

Tomorrow can be anything,
or the same old nonsense

We can wish or plan or expect "something new"
to happen tomorrow
and something will.

But, this moment,
whatever we are doing,
has a posture/ body component

a thinking component (wondering about my words,
listening, agreeing, disagreeing)

a feeling component (patient, impatient,
really feeling something nothing to do with this
particular string of words,
and maybe on the computer to "avoid"
that feeling)

and a "soul" component,
which is tricky to talk about:
but some part of you knows,
bubba bubbete that this earth bound
is not forever
and thus
knows that this second
whatever you want to call it
and it's
gone already

is precious.

Four ways to do anything:
you are already "doing" the look at the computer thing
one way,
to be aware of all or some of the four components
is another way

and so
to be free,
play it out in two more ways.

Shift your body shape, or breathing pattern, or do
a little aware moving

Look for a feeling that adds to whatever you are
select a feeling you'd like to be having
deepen the sensation and the emotion of what you are feeling
add on feeling plus sensing as a wholeness

do you know what I'm talking about

call or email if you don't

and the basic idea: we take our feelings as so real,
not a cloud floating through
and a cloud we create at that

and what of our thinking,
what are a couple of amazing or interesting
we could make on that

who knows:
i'm going to stop typing and try out all this grand advice
and see what I can teach me
by this.


okay, that was fun

many many messages about standing,
getting more physical than I can behind a keyboard
and screen

what happened/ happens for you


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