Monday, August 01, 2011

What about the OT, PT that comes for "free?" A troubling decision for parents of special needs children

This is a tricky question.

Who would want to turn down "free"
help from these professionals who have trained
so hard,
and have such good intentions?

Well, maybe you.

As in all of life:
observation has to be our guide.

Recently I worked with my wonderful little friend

She comes from Fort Worth, about a five hour drive and has either four
or five lessons in a weekend.

Usually, we start a little back from where we ended the last time
and progress to a bit further.

This time, though, her arms just didn't "want" to soften
and act like real arms.

And, of course, I was "working" on the arms
via the spine and pelvis and wrists and legs and feet.

This usually wakens the brain
and the arms starts to float freely,
all connected and happy with the rest of the body.

This time,
the arms,
one at a time,
or together,
seemed tight and "stuck."

I asked the parents if the OT or the PT
was "working" on the arms,
and yes, one was.
I forget which one, but this one was on a campaign
to "get the arms to cross the midline."

A great idea.
A grand Idea.

But it appeared she was doing this the way that is
so "natural"
the FIX IT way,
be more or less yanking continuously and forcing
poor Maggie's arms to cross the midline.

Since no new neurons are being created
in her brain,
and since she isn't discovering this,
this well intentioned yanking has the effect
of teaching Maggie that her arms are
some sort of war zone.

So, even with the roundabout work
from the Anat Baniel method they, these wonderful arms,
were ready to be very mobile.

So, what do you think?
Should these parents let go of this practitioner?

Or try to shift her work.

She's too far away to send to me for lessons,
but that would be great, if she'd come down one weekend.

Best would be for her to take Anat's training,
and maybe second best, for her to watch the DVD set
of Anat leading a weekend workshop.

And, as always, when life isn't
"Just So,"
we have to do our best.

What do you think?

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