Wednesday, August 03, 2011

three God poems

I'm in my second week on Orcas island.

Several wonderful events have been part of my life

One, the Orcas Island Community Church hosted a Kindling's Festival,
a gathering of singers, preachers, dancers, artist,
around the theme of Mourning into Dancing.

I loved the people.
I didn't quite fit into "the club," and that's not to go
into here,
though I will share one clear realization:

the idea of original sin
a sin

But that's for a book
or a subset of a novel

because God isn't an idea
and the gathering of people who were sure they were Right,
was as limiting to them
as it is to us practitioners,
when we want to "fix"
rather than wake them up to a bigger
of themselves.

Anyway, struggle, not fitting in, feeling "not so great" and great all
at once:
these are the juices of a good life.

The second grand event
was the reuniting of me with this book,
Love Poems from God

Here's three, one my me,
and two by Christian saints.
There's plenty more to come.

August 3, 2011

Faith is remembrance,  Chris Elms

The dried up ones speak of Hell
and all God’s real children
         fall asleep
         run away to play

For play is the real work of the child
The adult who wishes to remain
play, dance, sex, laughter, learning
underneath all the tasks of the day
doing the unexpected
falling into the wonder, the delight of “I don’t know”
toppling in the new of the now of the Wow!

Real hell is when the juice of
life in us
- and how much our juicy Self
other juicy Selves-
Is forgotten

Re all faith = re membrance

The Pulse of God, St. Thomas Aquinas

The limbs of a tree reached
down and lifted me
thinking I was its child.

And in the meadows my spirit becomes so
that if I put my cheek against the earth’s body
I can feel
the Pulse of God

“Tell me the way you do that, birds—
enter the private chambers of my Lord.”

And they all sang, they just

I gathered it was time to become a musician
And I did

Years passed and one day the
Sky reached down and
Lifted me;
the birds noticed and spoke:

“How do you enter the Sun like that and
the Pulse of God?”

Clarity is Freedom:       St Teressa

I had tea the other day with a great
He asked me: “What is God’s will?”

I liked that.
The distillation of thought hones thought in others
Clarity, I know, is freedom.

What is my experience of God’s will?

Ah, everyone is a traveler,
most all need food, lodging, clothing

I let enter my mouth what will enrich
I wear what will make my eye
I sleep where I will
Wake Up

with the strength to deeply love
All that my mind can hold..

What is God’s will
for a wing?
Every bird knows that.

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