Friday, August 19, 2011

Hafiz, Mira, love is everywhere:

Hafiz first
a poem challenging those
with their small tiny gods/
tiny small hearts
who want to shove away sex from the
as if the sacrum isn't rotti toot toot to both:

Some god say, the tiny ones,
" I am not here in your vibrant
moist lips
that need to beach themselves on the shore
of a
naked body."

Some gods say," I am not the scared yearning of the unrequited soul,
I am not the blushing
of every star and planet--

I am not the applauding Creator of those
precious secretions
that can distill
the whole mind
into a perfect wincing jewel
--- if only for a moment

nor do I reside in every sweet warm dung
born of the Earth's gratuity."

Some gods say, the ones we need to hang,
"Your mouth was not designed to know His,
love was not conceived
to consume the luminous realms."

Dear ones beware
of the tiny gods frightened men

to bring an anesthetic control
to their sad



In my travels I spent some time with a great yogi.
Once he said to me,

"Become so
you hear the
flowing through your

One night as I sat in quite,
I seemed on the verge of
a world inside so
I know it is the source of
of us.

Again, this book has 12 mystics,
including people you haven't heard as mystics before:
St Thomas Aquinas, St John of the Cross
Love Poems from God

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