Saturday, August 06, 2011

The Way of Love, the mistake of "original sin"

Let's say sin is this,
"missing the mark,"
as translation
and what's the mark?


sin is that which takes us away from loving God, ourselves,
nature and others

any order is fine, that's another sin, dividing and splitting into levels,
but we'll pass that by for now

and think about the idea of
original sin

people being born "bad"

which is nonsense

look at babies
no bad
pure love

the idea of original sin is a sin
against babies
and against what we really are underneath all our conditioning

it's a control trip really

and that's the way it always is:
you can have love
or control

to see everyone as good and innocent at their core,
this is an idea with much less power to shame, and bully
and get people to cowtow before God

as if that's what God
shamed and self-hating people
on their knees repentant for the sin of being alive

hooey to that:
hell is always in the moment,
when we are out of love
with now
with the joy of life
with ourselves
and others
and nature
and God

any order

and we can be in love
or we can be condemning
but not both

the sin of original sin tries to turn us into human
beings haters

bad idea
bad loving
bad living
bad medicine

and if we don't say bad:
lets  just say, not so useful


this book great, not on this topic particularly
but on what love
without all the doctrines
what love could be
when we are their and taste in its/ our / God's glory

and two great pathways back
to the love
of who we are

Awareness Through Movementspeaking of the use of awarness found
in movement based in presence and discovery
to lead us back to who we are
before conditioning
underneath the Mask of "fitting in"

and Loving What Is,

Katie's treatise/ roadguide
to life as if ALL and EVeryone
is God

so it's all love
(or else the sin of suffering, no, the suffering of
not being in love
in that moment)

Loving What is

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