Sunday, July 07, 2013


Other people do the wrong thing.
We think.

They "hurt" us.
We think.

They "should have "  done this.
Or "shouldn't have" done that.
We think

What's in common with all of these:
"we think."

We have an opinion, and belief about how things should be
how we want things to be
how our club/ social strata/ class/ race/ clique
believes things "should be"

and when someone doesn't live up to that.

we think they are wrong.
and we tell other people they are wrong.
and sometimes we tell them they are wrong.

and the upside:
we are right
we are right,
they are wrong

the righteous bliss
that goes no where

no where, but focusing on their wrongness
and our rightness
and meanwhile
the world goes on, the sky changes color, the wind blows lightly in the leaves, the sun dapples against the bark,
life happens and we miss it being right

so what?
so that's what forgiveness is:
letting go of being right.
it's a longer story than that,
and that's all we're going to have
for today.

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