Thursday, July 04, 2013

July 4th: Independence and Connection: Why not just "Do yourself?"-- day 4

In the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, the stroker, usually a man, but fairly frequently a woman, sits full clothed astride a woman with her pants off and her legs butterflied out.

The stroker, with lubricant, very very gently, for 13 minutes strokes the woman's clitoris. Most especially the upper left hand quadrant of her clitoris, though on some days her clitoris "tells" the stroking finger ( asks) to go somewhere else.

The speed can be varied.

The pressure can be varied.

The length of stroke can be varied.

The central focus of stroking can be varied.

The woman asks for this, making requests: " Would you please stroke a little lighter?" "Would you go a little faster, please."

And so on.

She asks.

The stroker says thank you and does what is asked.

At the end of 13 minutes, there are 2 minutes of "downstroking", to bring the energy back into the woman's here and now body, so she can function afterwards.

Then there is a pressure stroke.

Then a wipe off.

Then sharing frames.

And that's an OM..  ( see the demo video at , it's pretty juicy and leaves nothing out)

Okay, now to the question: why not a woman just jerk herself off?

1. She's got to be the one in charge when she masturbates, and so doesn't get to surrender to the moment.

2. She's not able to put herself out of control when she's in control.

3. She's not connected to another person when she's masturbating.

4. Masturbating is usually goal oriented, to go over. OM is goalless: to feel what each feels ( as sensation), in the moment. If she climaxes, fine. If not, and that is usually, then the full symphony of sensations is the orgasm, and this fills her ( and him) day after day after day.

5. She doesn't share frames, get grounded, have a chance to make requests, feel herself in the moment.

6. Which is to say: masturbation, which could be a meditation, usually isn't.

7. Many have said that the orgasm of OM, whether or not climax is reached, is over time far more nourishing that a boatload of regular sex climaxes.

Try it and find out.

Cheers on the Fourth of July.
This may be an independence deeper than any you could ever have dreamed.


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