Wednesday, July 24, 2013

finding your soul mate----yourself

i subscribed recently to an awful
but luckily free
webinar series on Finding Your Soulmate.

I don't want to,
but have a friend who believes in
and thought I could learn a few things

I did:

the main way women lose oxcytocin is to be in a hurrty

Liz Gilbert, of finding Love at the end
of Eat in Italy
Pray in India
and Love in Bali

said her love came from all the alone
time in India

and that she thought "loving yourself"
was too high an order,
but just being able to tolerate yourself,
so you aren't afraid to be alone

gives you the space to
find a decent person

she said her husband,
who she finds fabulous
and who adores her
not particularly interested in yoga and whatever she's intp
isn't her soulmate,
but is her companion, friend in the middle of the night, and lover

who is her soulmate:

OMing does too,
in my opinion,

it's like praying with two

and it's a path to finding yourself as
your own soulmate

but, it's not usually seem that way
since it's not really taken for the power
it has to "wake up"

"wake up" is easier to say
than do

and can always be done

only not later
more on that,

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