Monday, July 01, 2013

Sex Every Day, day 1

We are in relationships, if we are for real, for three reasons: good sex. Good talk. Mutual development. The betterment of the world.

That's four. Not really, because mutual betterment includes the betterment of the world.

There will be plenty of discussion over the month  about the whole shebang of a great relationship, 
( we'll kickstart this blog, with a daily post all the days in July)
but let's start here:

Why waste your time in relationship if it isn't a great one?

This too is a great topic, and includes: fear of being alone, expectations of others, taking care of the kids .

Sticking it out for the kids is a half good excuse except for this: it's mean to the kids for them to grow up around people who don't know how to love each other.

Guess what? If Mommy doesn't love Daddy, and Daddy doesn't love Mommy, what happens to the kids, who are at least a third Mommy and a third Daddy and a third their own selves.

No matter which parent they are around they are going to pick up an antagonism that has only one way to go: self hatred.

So, hey, the solution is: get the relationship together or get out.

And it's not that hard to get the relationship together, if you have ..... guess what? SEX EVERY DAY.

Wait, wait, people in shitty relationships will complain: we have to like each other more, or clear up our junk or all that hooey, before we'll even consider sex once a week, let alone, SEX EVERY DAY.

Well, guess what: I can coach any couple through getting rid of ALL resentments, and learning to really listen and empathize in communication, but believe it or not, SEX EVERY DAY, is the easiest way to clear out the rubbish.

Well, second easiest: first each has to start sharing TRUTH that has been hidden, i.e. to be VULNERABLE.

Oh, gad, what am I asking. Sex Every Day? Vulnerability? Might as well shoot ourselves.

Well, except for the effects on the children, yeah you should.

But, get a coach and figure out how to say the truth.

And even before that watch this video on Orgasmic Meditation , as

This is a 15 minute meditation, where the man, fully dressed, strokes extremely gently and with great attention, the upper left hand quadrant of the women's clitoris. She has her pants off and the rest of her clothes on. There is something called a "nest." It is always 15 minutes. The goal is to be goalless and experience whatever you experience.

Orgasm is not the same as climax.
Both partners will have an experience of orgasm.

This gets a couple where a lot of softness, forgiveness and truth can take place.


Worth it to stop living in hell and poisoning your soul, and the souls of your children?

If you don't think so, Lordie help you.

Or, me. Call for coaching. 360-317-4773
cheers on day one of the Sex Every Day- ithon.

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