Friday, July 19, 2013

Sex Every Day-- yuk

Let's say you hate your mate
you have this commitment:
Sex Every Day

it can be OMing
it can be straight ahead sex sex
it can be various oral delights

but you have the commitment:

sex every day

and you hate the mate

that rhymes

you hate the mate

you hate your mate

which means: you hate yourself

which means: it's time to talk

which means: big deal
you've got a deeper commitment,
unless you are an asshole, and that's to
your relationship
as a spiritual practice

which means,
you've got a commitment
to stay connected no matter what

which means
you're going to have to talk


you're going to have to talk
about what you hate about each other
(which means what you hate about yourself)

and so here's the deal

it's not so hard

it takes about half an hour
it takes a timer

you've already go a timer
because you OM, and that's for 15 minutes

this time the timer is timing out
3 minute chunks

your mate ( whom you hate)
for 3 minutes to
you ( whom you hate)

you listen, no interrupt,
no thinking what to reply
just listening
and following breathing
and connecting to gravity
and limbically connecting to their inner feelings


you listen,
they talk
the timer goes off

turn it around
take another turn,
have some fun,
talk and they listen,
be present while you talk
notice them while you talk
don't be the usual jerk all caught up in
your words
while you (whom you hate)
talk to them
(whom you hate)

so be it.

do that for 30 minutes,
then you'll probably love each other again,
and it's time for sex
Sex every Day

and if you don't love each other,
so what,
you know you've got a friend
A. who will listen
B. who is committed to staying connected
C. whom you can have sex with, no matter what the emotional nonsense
going on

why link sex only to feeling good

that's so silly

time to grow up

Sex Every Day

good news for a Friday

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