Friday, July 12, 2013


Vulnerable is another word for

we want to be real

we are afraid to be real

we want our deep close friends to be real

they are afraid to be real

ah, me, ah my ,
what's to be done?

talk slowly.

set it up so you listen
listen a lot

listen without thinking of what to say
in response

sometimes it's useful, at least I've found it very useful
to go back and forth with a timer

3 minutes each
building up as each takes a turn, talking while the other listens without interrupting
and both attempt to be present
be present to themselves
be present to the other

not just the words
but really present

and then there's this:

either in a turn of this time talk thing,
or just on your own,
start saying this,
"I'm afraid to say this....."
and then say it

see if the world ends

see if your friend leaves you

if they do, they don't really wan the real do

if they don't, they've been honored with your sharing what's the
real you
the vulnerable you

this is essential to
sex every day


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