Sunday, July 28, 2013

love and lust

love is good

lust is good

lust can get us in trouble,
or so they say

I don't think so:

lust can get us into sex

and being obsessed with when and how
the sexual partner should perform or behave
can get us in trouble,

but good old fashioned fucking,
love making,

that's what life is about


and the rest
is love

which is more trouble than lust really,
because so much of people's lives is based
on squandering every last ounce of their energy
worrying about,
scheming about,
making bargains and deals for,

ah, love:
that condition,
that verb
of people really being FOR the other person

and the killer is:
wanting to get it,
and not enjoying/ being thrilled to give

and that's where the freedom is.

giving love

love is for giving
for getting

don't forget



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