Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sex Every Day: OM

you know the phrase:

OM good,
did you know that's what it stood for

and why is OM good

some Greek said that the "good"
after all the endless bullshit debates
was that which was every day

and OM,
with its 20 minute window
of grounding, 

and stroking and 
and setting up, taking down the nest

is something that can
easily be every day

with the minor glitch:

you've got to schedule it

and if you don't...
it doesn't happen

so, let's look at a couple of angles:

you live with a mate,
and you're always "too busy" for "normal" sex
or .... ( admit it, annoyed, and wanting
to deprive and punish,
or at least avoid,
the other)

and you could just say:
every night at ten,
we are going to have sex

that would be great for your relationship

if you want to back off from that bliss land
and make it an easier yes,
find a time,
preferably the same time each day,
kids asleep,
you're awake,
and OM each day then

if it's "hard"

if it's a "piece of cake"

if you are sleepy

if you are jazzed to go,

that's done

and then, "it" can
get a little harder

when you live alone
or with people who aren't OM partners,
then you've got to use your wits a bit

and mainly,
you've got a great chance to NOT listen
to not obey,
the voice that says:
"it's too much trouble."

this excuses voice:

partners are too far away,
my schedule is too busy,
I don't like the available partners in my area

and so on,

and I'm not going to solve this problem for

just ask:
could you solve it
if you wanted to?

and about the excuses,
could you ask:
Is it true?
Is it absolutely true?

I bet you could

and think, feel, sense this:

how much fun you could have finding
if you can solve this puzzle


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