Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Really? Sex EVERY Day?---- day 3

Ah, sex.

In the ordinary world, people let down their barriers a bit, and actually become fascinated with another person, and excited by the new, and they fall in love, and they have sex.

Usually a lot.

The honeymoon/ bunny phase.

And then, one or the other starts to get tired, and it's a lot more than that. One or the other, and usually both, starts to harbor resentments, and they are damned if they are going to give the partner pleasure, even if it means denying their own pleasure to spite/ punish/ withdraw from the partner.

And they have "spontaneous" moments, when they forget the tired, and forget the grudges, and remember how great sex can be, and tumble back into frolic together.

Love making.

Maybe all three.


And the set ups to these "spontaneous" sex capades are usually a night at a movie, no change to talk/ argue/ avoid on iPhone during the movie. They might even hold hands. Emotions might come up that they share. They have an experience together.

Wallah. Sex.

Or they go to a party, and flirt a little and get some sexual energy up, and go home and need to blow it off. Or, like most people, want to flirt, and don't, and have all that energy to use in sex.

Or they drink a little wine with dinner, and the kids go to bed easily and early and they actually have a talk that they both enjoy, and actually look at each other in the eye and feel the living warmth of the other.

A day on the beach.

And so on.

And then there are all those other days when the "spontaneous" thing doesn't happen.

And that's where "Sex Every Day" comes in.

It's not mood dependent, it's not tried/ not tried dependent, it's not good or bad mood dependent.

The couple decides: Sex Every Day.

And they keep this in motion with OM, with Orgasmic Meditation.
15 minutes of stroking the woman's clitoris
In a nest.
Separate from the bed.
Now one is trying to climax.
It's only her genitals.
The timer going off means it's over.

This happens every day.

Touch, connection, turn on.
Staying present to the sensation.
Staying connected to each other.
Pleasure ( usually) for her.
Connection ( and usually more) for him.

This might bring about lots more spontaneous "normal" sex.
And if it doesn't, the urgency is down, the loneliness is down, connection is way up\

This is good.

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