Friday, July 05, 2013

Would you like to Make Out for ten minutes?

What if we just asked for what we wanted?

Don't call it a relationship. Don't pin in down. Just be with that other person. Talk for awhile. Or not.
And then ask for what you want?

This is a foundation for Sex Every Day.
Ask every day, for something sweet and intimate that you want.
The other can say yes. The other can say no.
But your desire is no longer hidden.
It's in there heating up things for Sex Every Day.


Don't make it everything.

Don't fall into sex as the only place to go when you have desire and want to connect. 

Have some fun.
Ask for the pieces.
That are complete and sweet and full all on their own.

Would you like to make out for five minutes?

Would you like to hold hands while we talk?

Would you like me to touch the back of your neck?

Would you like to OM?

Would you like to cuddle?

Would you like to make love?

Would you like to fuck?

Would you like to have sex?

Would you suck my cock?

Would you like me to suck your pussy?

Would you like to talk?

Ask for talk for its own sake.

Ask for talk for vulnerability's sake.
Ask for talk to get to truth, that sexiest of all ingredients.

Don't be shy.

Ask for connection.

 I recommended talking long and well at first, so that you know you have a real and amazing person on the other end of your make out, or blow job, or sex happening.

Why would you want that?

Because it's about connection.

When we aren't touching, and sometimes while we are, talking is a way of connecting where we can attempt to reveal what we are feeling and wanting and noticing.

Talk can be a distraction from being present.

And it can bring us back: Now I notice this color in your eyes. Now I feel afraid to say this, and feel constricted in my chest. Now, I want to look away, because I am afraid you are judging me.

Now I am alive.
Now I see and hear you are alive.

That's what it's all about. Experiencing our life in the moment.

Even this one.

And the making out list: that's a sweet set of possibilities with someone with whom we want connection.

Who are you going to ask today?

What are you going to ask them?

Have fun.

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