Monday, July 23, 2012

A Moshe story, about little differences, adding up

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Moshe Feldenkrais once got wupped in an arm wrestling duel
He challenged his tower opponent to a rematch in a couple of months
(don't have the facts on time, let's say a couple of months)

He went home and swung a hammer back and forth
as if arm wrestling on his first day of practice.
A nice light hammer.

The next day,
he wrapped a piece of copper wire near the head of the hammer
and swung it back and forth

So small a difference he's brain didn't register,
but his body had to do something slightly different

Each day
one more piece of wire


and then:
by two months (or whatever the "real " amount of
time was), the hammer was massive and no
changes had been bothersome,
or even notice-able day by day

and he won the rematch

in our lives,
and with our children
all our children
how can we do something small
and amazingly slightly better
more clear
more aware

who knows
what little difference might add up
and up
and up?

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