Thursday, July 05, 2012

Day 5: Real sounds vs auditory hallucinations = "thinking"

Today is immense.
All days are immense.

Practice this today:
Take the deep “bones” of awareness we have so
Two arms
Two legs (all the toes, all the fingers)
Spine pelvis head

Sense the five lines and your

Add on this amazing distinction
(recall from other blogs: the food for the brain,
for real learning is the awareness of differences
that make a difference)

Sounds outside your head, in the
Auditory hallucinations of various words in your head that
we call

That’s it:
All day, all night till sleep:
Five lines: sense
Breath: notice and enjoy
Sounds outside: Listen and enjoy.
Sounds inside: Listen and realize > this is a hallucination,
And hear the voice tone of the inside “words in your head”

That’s plenty, that’s
Huge and so is


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