Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 18: Earth, air , sky: three brains, all awake at once????

Rain in Northern California. 
Not so humid. 
Equally wonderful as rain in Texas. 
The sky blessing the Earth with water.

If we want to sense our blood, 
we can add water to today's mindful package.

We stand on the Earth, if you are lucky enough to start the day with
bare foot tai chi,
or just happy enough in your body,
and living somewhere where you can sneak
those shoes and socks
or sandals and
wiggle your toes on grass, or in sand, or ????

And we stand sit lie on the Earth
or in the gravity field
full time
until we
or go into outer

So, like yesterday, awaring
is a good way to "ground" ourselves.

And mid level, our lungs need feeding constantly
and we need to let the gunk out
breathe out
whatever our bodies
need to let go of in that air realm.
CO2, and what else?

Sometimes an extra long outbreath
feels so good for us

And awaring our breath
especially in the "frame"
of arms and legs and spine,
makes it pretty clear
about this minor detail:
we are



And then, up high, our heads have eyes, and
the light comes down through the sky,
and we can look up,
if in a room to the ceiling,
if near a window or outside,
how high can we look

And this, earth, air, sky,
gives a nice fullness to
Life on Earth

A nice project for today
staying aware of air
aware of gravity
aware of light and the sky

I feel lengthened just thinking about
and sensing and awaring all three at once

how about you?

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