Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Day 3: Mindful breathing with our spine in motion....fun

Breathing in and out, and including the spine

Here’s what we have so far:
Breathing in
Breathing out
With awareness
Plus sensing, our
Legs with all ten toes
Arms, with all ten fingers

Today, let’s add the spine to this, and in a fun way where we linked breathing to a flexing and extending of the spine.

Place your right hand on your head, with your elbow pointed forward. ( If you can. If not, put your hand on your face or chin, with elbow as forward as it can point).

Sense both arms and both legs and your spine.
Breathe out and bend forward, as if your elbow is going between your knees, and the bending down is pushing air out of your belly. (Or the pushing air out of your belly is helping you round over).
Go very slowly. Enjoy this.
Lift you head back up, pushing your belly forward and let your head point a little (not a lot, do NOT go near any limit) toward the ceiling and feel and arch in your back.
Breathe in as your belly comes forward and your head lifts.
Now breathe out and round your spine and bring your elbow toward the ground. Feel the spine changing shape as you do this gently many times.
Sense your arms and legs as you do this.
Take a rest. Enjoy sensing your spine and arms and legs and breathing without any shape changing.
Now, if you feel adventurous, take your right hand again to your head, and take your left knee with your left hand, and as you breathe out, bring your knee and elbow toward each other. Do NOT try to touch them, even if you can. Just breathe and enjoy rounding.
Then breathe in and let your knee down and belly forward arch your back and point your right elbow toward the sky or ceiling.
Many times, gently. You may rest at any time. And try the arms the other way.
Enjoy, slow, gentle, aware, enjoy.

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