Friday, July 27, 2012

The attachment game viewed closely: Question #3 from Byron Katie

Ah, life, ah, habit:

this happens doesn't it?
something doesn't "go our way"
we tell ourselves that it
"should have"

we feel bad

and then,
weirdly, we tell ourselves that again,
and we still feel bad

and then we tell ourselves that
low and behold (whatever that means)
we feel bad as before

And here's a game,
when we feel bad,
Ask the first two questions
of the thought behind our feeling bad
(#1: Is it true,
#2, Can I absolutely know that this is true?)

And then ask ourselves:
#3: How do I react when I attach to that thought?
I.e. how do I feel, as emotion,
how do I feel, in my body as sensation,
how do I live: what do I avoid, what do I do/do/do
whom do I treat not so well

the consequences
as they are
line them up
write them down

take clarity in seeing:

Thought in/
attachment applied/

Another word for attaching to the thought
could be believing it

this is the start of freedom,

and to goose up things a little,
and get a jump on Question #4 tomorrow

after lining up the misery ducks
from attaching to the thought

take the 5 second
that Adyashanti mentions
as the quick and easy way
to discover
who you really are


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