Sunday, July 22, 2012

day 22: what's the difference?

Following our breathing is soothing
and brings us back to ourselves

that's the words
that's the theory:
and for you
and me
in the present, today:
when we shift from not following our breathing
to following our breathing:
what happens?

And take a couple of more shifts
to watch and enjoy and learn from today.

Looking and knowing we are looking

Having a feeling and believing the story
having a feeling and "just" having it
having a feeling and deeply experiencing it (with story/ without the story)

having a thought and believing it
having a thought and not believing it

having a thought and "it having us"
having a thought and knowing we are having a thought
having a thought and being in gravity and breath, too

not knowing we are in gravity
knowing we are gravity

you can come up with more

pick a couple
and enjoy the difference

waking up isn't for "being good"
or "gooder"
or "goodest"

it's to end suffering

see what happens to suffering when
you shift to awareness


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