Sunday, July 01, 2012

Day One:Breathing in, or Breathing out

Day one, of what? A thirty one day jag jog challenge:
31 days in July
31 postings on Mindfulness

and let's start with
the glory:
we are alive

and how do we know we are

breathing is a good start

and what in mindfulness?

there are probably much more
and sophisticated versions
it's putting our attention
or mind
somewhere where we
know we are putting it

right now:
do you know if you are breathing in
or breathing out?
you can be holding in a pause
at the end of breathing in
or breathing out

but this is a gas,
and slows us down
and reminds us we are alive
and puts us in the famous body

this is life on Earth
in the human form:
breathing in
maybe pause maybe not
breathing out
maybe pause maybe not

without that
no life

with breathing

can you feel the breathing coming in your mouth
or nostrils
and where is floats down into you

and without getting too
feel / sense what happens in your
ribs and belly as
you breathe in
and as you breathe out

just notice:

where are you breathing?

how does it feel now?

breathing in, or out, or pausing?

and the big thrill:
what is different about noticing/being mindful
of your breathing
and not
being mindful of it?

this can be done with amazing effect
when you imagine you are listening
to another person,
or when you are speaking to another person



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