Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 26< Left/ left and left right/ and an Adyashanti game

This is a nice "warm up for the day" and
"take a break and get less creaky"

Put your weight on one foot or the other,
let's say the left

Now, with your weight there,
reach toward the ground,
bending legs all you want,
with your left hand,

and keeping your weight on the left side,
reach for the sky,

still weight left,
reach down with the right hand
and up with the right hand

then switch,
weight right
and one time down and up left hand
one time down and up right hand

various rotating and breathing patterns
can be played with

and what of the mindfulness game of the day?

try combos of left leg/ left arm
left leg/ right arm
right leg/ left arm
right leg / right arm

as you are doing various things today

oh, yeah,
from Adyashanti's talk last night
(play at, if you'd like):
Stop thinking for 5 seconds
and see what you lose
and what remains as the real you.


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