Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 24: The Work starts: Is it true?

suffering  call to us
the crazy whisper/ yammer/ chatter/ taunt/ shout
of our mind,
nothing better to do
complain about others,
complain about us,
complain about our complain,

our mind, foolish patterned slave:
telling us the world is wrong

and that's today's game
today's "job"
(some of the best work
start the Work,
( you know: thework.com)

an inquire of the mind
with the mind

since behind each unhappiness
is a thought,
notice that thought
and ask the question:
Is it true?

That's all,
one two three:

feel unhappy/ suffering
notice the thought behind the feeling
ask the question, #1 in the work of Byron Katie:
Is it true?

"Just" ask


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