Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 11: Spontaneity and Compulsion

Something to do
on a couch.
A non habitual folding and exploring with the back neck ellbow
and foot (and hip) ( The whole self

Sometimes we are stuck and
being human,
our solution is to do the same
we've done over and over,
but maybe do it a little angrier
or a little faster
or a little harder
or with more swearing
or all four

Usually the results are frustration
sometimes injuring ourselves
and almost never getting the stuck thing undone.
Getting life to move along.

If we are stuck,
it's a habit,
or a pattern.

It can also be fear of doing anything
and almost certainly the habit of
using more force and less intelligence when

Oh, well.

The fear thing is worth looking at:
fear of doing it a new way.
The old was feels familiar.
Feels safe.

And......what if we want freedom
and joy in our life?

Then, dadum da dum, da dum,
awareness to the rescue.

We wake up to the present,
and notice what we are doing and
do something different.

Anything different.

Slower, faster, a different angle, a different timing.
Taking a different perspective.
Lots of possibilities that are dependent on the stuck pattern.

And that's our mindfulness game today:

To notice when we "feel" stuck.
Feel that as emotion. In the present.
And feel the sensations that go along with that emotion.
And notice the thoughts that go along with that stuckness.

And try something else.
or no,

Different body shape, so the sensations will be different.

Even a different emotion,
or almost always better,
the not quite emotion of
Of wonder.
Of discovery.

Try putting wonder and difference into the
stuck place.

See what happens.


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