Saturday, July 07, 2012

Mindfulness Day 7: What about Heaven?

What about heaven?

Heaven is our natural state. When we are
and honestly present and so
no words pulled in from the past storage banks, just
Now &
Now &

So today, try this: be mindful of how soothing and pleasant it is
to “just”

Be in your breathing if you wish
Be in sensing arms and legs and fingers and toes
Be in sensing your spine

Be light coming in and
Sound coming in

If that pleases and amuses you

(Bach, when asked about why he composed thousands of works of music and had umpteen children, said:
“For my own amusement and the
glory of God.”
Pretty good, eh?)

Just Be
Enjoy the ease of that

and here’s the deal: when unhappiness or discomfort or annoyance or any of that
Sneaks in

Smile and look for the “should” or “shouldn’t” in your thinking

This is the next stage in mindfulness, of course<
Be in the body
Be in the breath
Sense look and listen

And then watch thoughts, especially the “should” and “shouldn’t”
so called “thoughts (auditory hallucinations) try to steal our
Real selves away

and who and what is our real self?

find out this heaven in the quiet of real now
and when your mind thoughts up,
like a mirror fogging up,
Ah, unhappiness,
Ah, “should” or “shouldn’t” thought

Then maybe come back to reality


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